Services to trust

Careium’s monitoring centres handle, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, large volumes of emergency calls from customers who depend on us at the press of a button. To ensure that the systems remain available and customer data is kept secure and confidential, we adopt the best practice approach of our ISO27001 certification across all of our monitoring centres.

Information security

Our centrally managed Information Security Management System provides the framework that enables us to manage, monitor and improve our information security practices.

ISO 27001 places high demands on Doro's systematic management of information security, in order to ensure:

  • Confidentiality (protection against unauthorised access)
  • Accuracy (protection against unwanted change)
  • Accessibility (access for authorised person at the right time)
  • Traceability (ability to track changes)

To minimise exposure to security threats, all employees are required to follow Careium’s information security policies and guidelines, as well as participate in information security training. The training provides employees with a better understanding of information security risks and increased awareness of how every employee can contribute to a secure business.

Proactive system tests are performed to identify threats, weaknesses, and risks. Non-conformities, risks, measurements, etc. are handled according to management processes and are followed up quarterly by the Careium team for information security. Careium is highly risk focused and work is continuously ongoing to reduce the risks.

Safe and easy use

ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications support safe processes and improve our way of working, by securing the required service level. In the UK, the local standard TSA is a specification of quality requirements in the alarm chain, and Careium alarm centre in the UK have this certification.

When suppliers are part of the service chain, there are service level agreements in place. Emergency processes and tests are important to secure that the services can be maintained even in the event of disruptions. In the alarm centres, the business continuity processes are reviewed and practiced, in different scenarios, at least every two months, in order to simulate both natural and man-made disasters. Internal IT personnel are on standby 24/7 to secure the operation of the alarm services and act on any disruptions.