Senior woman in red jumper smiling

"Help is at hand for my mum when I can’t be there"

Betty has been diagnosed with dementia and recent falls. Her mobility is very good generally and she walks to the shops daily. She does not remember having any falls. Social Services are now involved and are concerned for Betty’s safety in the home.

Betty does have a brother who lives nearby and helps her when he can, but he is also elderly and has medical problems. Her daughter lives too far away to be able to come to her mum’s aid if she needs help. When asked about the walking Betty does not remember leaving her home during the early hours, and when told, was very upset and emotional.

There has been a social alarm service installed for some time, and at assessment Betty was confident that she would press the pendant if she needed help. When questioned what she would do if there was a fire in the home, she said she would call the doctor.

The gas supply to her cooker has also been disconnected as she had been leaving food on the stove which was burnt and this alerted her neighbours. There is a gas fire in place which is used when the weather is cold. The equipment recommended was; smoke alarms upstairs and downstairs, bed occupancy sensor to monitor if Betty gets out of bed at night and doesn’t return and a carbon monoxide alarm for the gas fire.

The benefits of having the telecare package and pendant is that Betty is able to remain in her home for as long as possible which she is keen to do and it has also reassurance to her family.

About Betty

Betty is in her 90s and has lived alone in an old cottage for more than 50 years. Betty has dementia and has been wandering during the night much to the concern of her neighbours who tend to look out for her during the day.