Careium 450 GPS Tracker Pendant

Say hello to Careium 450 - a mobile social alarm that increases the sense of security among seniors, as well as encouraging them to stay active. A mobile social alarm is a flexible solution that can be adapted to the user's specific needs and wishes. Careium 450 can function both as a mobile social alarm where the user can get in touch with a monitoring centre if they need assistance, and as a tracking device, thanks to its built-in GPS.

Regular physical activity is important throughout life, even more so as a senior. It has shown to have a significant positive effect on memory, focus, and reaction time. It also reduces depression - both experienced and diagnosed.

Our new GPS-alarm not only increases security in the home, it can help the user maintain an active lifestyle. With just a push of a button, an alarm will be sent out to the monitoring centre, and thanks to the speakerphone, the user can then communicate with the monitoring centre's staff.

Fall detection and geofence

Thanks to Careium 450 GPS-alarm, someone will always be able to find out where the user is located. The device also has built-in fall detection and a step counter with step history, as well as the ability to send out a predetermined SMS. 

There is also the possibility to set up safety zones (so called geofences). If the user falls or leaves the predetermined safety zone, an automatic alarm will be sent out. However, the user has the option to cancel the alarm themselves if they need to.

A small device with a long-lasting battery

Careium 450 is small and easy to use. It can be worn around the neck, on the belt, as a keychain or even in the wallet. In other words, it is easy to take with you regardless of what activity you have planned. Thanks to energy efficient technology, Careium 450 has a long battery life and will be fully charged within 2,5 hours. 

It's a small mobile social alarm with GPS that enables the user to live an independent and active life, while also giving peace of mind to both the user and their loved ones.

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