Doro Care is changing to Careium

Today we announce an important milestone in our company’s history. It is our ambition to establish Doro Care and Doro Phones as two separate companies in December 2021. Doro Care will operate under a new brand: “Careium”, while Doro Phones will keep “Doro” as an individual company. Our focus will be the same: improving seniors' safety and quality of life.

“We continue to see growth opportunities in existing as well as new markets from a number of perspectives: There’s a growing elderly population, digitalization, increasing desire for technical solutions and an increasing funding gap. I am convinced that a separation will create the best conditions for both businesses to reach their full potential, says Carl-Johan Zetterberg Boudrie, President and CEO at Doro Group.

In the coming years, society faces a great challenge in improving seniors' safety and quality of life. At Careium, we believe technology is the key to overcome the challenge of an aging population where society needs to care for more people with fewer resources.

Careium offers the same expansive portfolio of products and services as before, dedicated to making care more effective, proactive, and empowering. Our solutions include software platforms, social alarms, virtual checks, monitoring centers, and more.

More than that, we’ve evolved and refined ourselves. As a standalone company, Careium can take full advantage of the opportunities in front of us. Our business will focus solely on what makes it successful and adapt accordingly while being the best possible partner for our users, customers and stakeholders. Our aim is to be the leading provider of Technology Enabled Care in Europe.