Senior couple smiling with flowers in background

"I can look after my wife and be independent"

June’s husband, Arthur, struggles to care for his wife as he also has health problems and a diagnosis of early dementia. June tends to want to stay in bed most of the time, but she has been known to suddenly jump up from bed and attempt to leave house, this has only happened during the day, as her medication includes sleeping pills and this also allows her husband some respite.

They have separate bedrooms. Arthur is mainly concerned about the wandering and falls, as he is unable to watch his wife all the time. They have a small dog and he would like to take the dog out for walks, but does not go out for fear of leaving his wife. Their daughter, who lives nearby, is taking the dog out at this time.

The social alarm package installed included a smoke alarm, wrist strap fall detector, social alarm, keysafe, pressure mat, motion sensor and door exit sensors. By having this telecare package in place Arthur will have some respite and be able to go for walks with their dog, as he will be aware that the monitoring centre will be monitoring their sensors, and if any alarms do activate, help will be close by.

Arthur will also be able to move around their home more freely without having to check on June constantly as an alarm will sound if any wandering occurs. The wrist strap falls detector will also let Arthur and the monitoring centre know if June has got up from bed and fallen at any time. Arthur felt much more confident and relieved to have this package in place, and was pleased to be able to go out walking with their dog in the day time. He had a fear that they would both be placed in nursing care if he was not able to maintain their independence in their home and that by having the telecare service, they would be able to stay in their home for the foreseeable future.

About June

June lives with her husband and they have recently moved to be near their daughter. June has Alzheimers, poor mobility, falls and a history of purposeful walking. Her husband Arthur is the main carer with input from their daughter and a care agency package.