Middle aged woman smiling in a sunlit garden

"GPS tracker has given me freedom"

Mary was keen to explore how assistive technology might help her to retain her independence, so a Telecare assessment was arranged and at the benefits of personal locator devices was discussed. Mary chose to have a mobile phone with GPS tracker and this was subsequently installed.

Mary reports that she now feels much more confident when out and about. She is able to make and receive calls and has the numbers of four friends pre-programmed into the phone on speed-dial. The phone features an SOS button which she can press to alert monitoring centre if she needs help.

Should an alert ever be raised or if Mary needs help or medical assistance, the monitoring centre can ascertain her exact location and direct the emergency services straight to her.

About Mary

Mary is 50 years old and has Parkinson’s. She wished to continue with her active lifestyle, however, she is aware that her Parkinson’s disease may make her more likely to suffer falls when she is out in the community.