Remote monitoring increases security & safety for society's seniors

An analysis that compares remote monitoring to traditional monitoring that entails physical visits. 

During the Corona pandemic, society's seniors have been more isolated and the need to provide care services in an infection-proof way has become problematic for care providers. A solution to this is digital technology and remote monitoring.

In 2021, Sweden's municipalities were allocated SEK 200 million to develop digitalisation in senior care. This raises both interesting and challenging questions, for example how can remote monitoring be developed within this sector? And how can it be done in a cost-effective way that helps ensure that resources are allocated more effectively?

Night-time cameras, instead of visits

A study by the Swedish Handicap Institute in 2012 has shown that people who need nightly checkups often feel distressed by physical visits, something that can lead to an increase for aid and assistance. Visits from care providers in the middle of the night can disturb sleep and also cause the decline in­ quality of life and mobility during the day.

Time and environmental benefits

Monitoring visits in the middle of the night can entail long car journeys, often simply to confirm that the person who needs monitoring is sleeping. This results in large amounts of emissions which, due to remote monitoiring, can now be reduced. The care givers also face road safety risks, such as poor road surfaces and the lack of good visibility during the night. Remote monitoring can, therefore, contribute to a better work environment and reducing emission.

Assistive technology in senior care

Assistive technology can never completely replace human contact, but it can create space for more interactions which can lead to a better quality of life. Remote monitoring enables the redistribution of resources in senior care and domestic care services. It not only enables individuals to live longer in their own homes, but also strengthens their sense of independence.

With the help of assistive technology, we can do more for each other, with each other. It results in increased security, integrity and a more meaningful day to day life for society's seniors


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Remote monitoring increase security for seniors (eng)

Fjärrtillsyn ökar trygghet hos samhällets seniorer (swe)

Fjerntilsyn øker tryggheten blant samfunnets eldre (nor)