Technology enabled care increases quality of life for Trelleborg’s residents

The municipality of Trelleborg, Sweden, is one of more than 100 municipalities that are connected to Careium’s monitoring centres. For assisted living services in the municipality and its care recipients, the monitoring centres offer reassurance that is  available 24 hours a day. The  monitored solutions usually referred to as “technology enabled care”, or "TEC" for short, are of great benefit to both staff and care recipients.

Healthcare and Nursing in the Social Services department in Trelleborg has around 850 employees, including assisted living services, residential care homes and day-to-day operations. In several areas, but above all in assisted living services, technology enabled care and Careium’s monitoring centres are an important part of the operations.

TEC as a natural part of everyday life

Petra Dahlsjö, Assistant Head of Healthcare and Nursing in Trelleborg Municipality, reports that Trelleborg has around 1,400 care recipients who have a social alarm. Around 800 of them also use other products and services from Careium.

"Social alarms and other services from Careium provide peace of mind for care recipients, staff and relatives alike. It is a natural, unobtrusive part of their everyday lives. The monitoring centre is always there, responds to the alarms and relays what help is needed to our staff. There is always someone on the other end, so to speak. This is a great sense of security for those of us who work within the municipality and for the residents of Trelleborg."

Solutions that allows you to live at home for longer

The concept of technology enabled care includes a number of different services from Careium. In Trelleborg, social alarms, GPS watches and remote monitoring are the most common services. They are all technical solutions that Petra Dahlsjö highlights as important and valued aids among care recipients.

"These are solutions that allow you to stay in your home for longer, which most people want, while still feeling safe. The GPS watches are fantastic and allow the user to move freely in their local area without being afraid of getting lost. I would say that these are services that both increase safety and improve the quality of life for Trelleborg’s residents."