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Take care with i-care® plus

i-care® plus is an app that gives family & friends insight in the care of their loved ones. With the app they can receive alarm calls. By involving family & friends we can provide peace of mind for them as well as the user.


With the app they can receive  alarm calls and talk to the user via the alarm device’s speakerphone. If an out-and-about telecare device is being used, the app allows carers to see exactly where the user is on a map. Event and alarm history is shown in i-care® plus and family & friends can chat to each other to ensure everything is OK. It promises to provide peace of mind to everyone, as well as giving family & friends more direct support to their loved ones.

Shared responsibility

When the user triggers an alarm, a notification with sound is sent via i-care® plus to the registered carer. The carer will have the option to respond to the alarm by accepting or declining it. Unhandled or declined alarms will be forwarded to the next contact in the alarm chain. This can be another carer or a monitoring centre.

If the alarm is accepted, the carer can call the alarm device though the app and communicate directly with the user. They can also chat with other carers about the event, what actions were taken and even upload images.

In addition to receiving alarm calls, family & friends can see the alarm device’s status, such as battery level and signal strength, and GPS position including last known location. They can also view the person’s step count, event history, geofence settings, other registered carers, and their order in the alarm chain.

Interface and alarm calls that can be handled in i-care® plus

  • Manually triggered alarms
    The user triggers an alarm by pressing an alarm button

  • Geofence alarm
    Automatic alarm if a user leaves a safe zone

  • Fall alarm
    Automatic alarm in case of a heavy fall

  • Technical alarm
    Automatic alarm if alarm device have low battery
  • Device position on map incl history
    Only if the user has an out-and-about telecare device e.g Abby or Careium 450

  • Carers
    All carers connected to a user, as well as the order they will be called in case of emergency 

  • Alarm device status
    Battery level, signal strenght etc

  • Call function
    Possibility to call the device when an alarm is triggered

Freedom for older people

It is estimated that there are 150,000 people living with dementia in Sweden. Life is rarely the same once someone has been diagnosed. GPS-alarms pave the way for senior citizens to be able to lead an independent and active life for longer.

Woman using i-care online on desktop computer Woman using i-care online on desktop computer

i-care® online

Our web-based service gives you an overview of your alarm tools. i-care® online is available around the clock. The service provides remote supervision and lets you manage and see the status, in real-time, of all your installed social alarms.