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Smoke detector

This optical radio smoke detector can be connected to all Careium carephone and social alarm systems to create a safe and secure home environment. When activated, the smoke detector emits a loud and clear audible signal (85dB) and sends a call to the alarm receiving centre via the Careium social alarm. It has a visible self-test button, and automatically signals low battery status audible locally and to the alarm receiving centre via the social alarm unit.
  • Wireless and easy to install

  • One battery for alarm and radio

  • Automatic low battery warnings

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Doro Smoke detector

How does it work?

Not only does this smoke detector automatically sound an alarm in the home when it detects smoke. It also simultaneously sends an alarm to the alarm receiving centre so that the most appropriate and immediate action can be taken. The use of wireless technology also means minimal disruption to fixtures and fittings during installation, as well as easy relocation of detectors should the need ever arise.

What problem does it solve?

Fire is by far one of the most serious threats to people at home. Every year house fires cause hundreds of deaths and damage many homes. Homes with a smoke alarm discover fires more rapidly than those without, and are associated with lower casualty rates and less damage. And the importance of being connected to an alarm receiving centre cannot be stressed enough. This ensures that the emergency services can be contacted on behalf of the vulnerable adult who may not hear or be able to respond to a stand-alone alarm.


Manual Doro Smoke detector

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