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Careium 480

The Secure® 480 is an attractively designed splash-proof wristwatch featuring sophisticated tracking and communication capabilities to enhance personal safety. If distressed or in need of help, the user can easily trigger an alarm. Alarms can also be triggered to the alarm receiving centre or other recipient when the user leaves their home or safe zone, the battery is low, or the easy to press crown button is pressed. In addition, service providers can regularly check-in with the user, be alerted of the user’s GPS location, and even communicate with the user over the built-in speakerphone.
  • Incoming & outgoing calls

  • Tracking via A-GPS / GLONASS

  • Geographical triggered alarms

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How does it work?

Wearers of the Secure® 480 can trigger an alarm if distressed or in need of help simply by pressing the crown button on the watch. Some alarms are triggered automatically based on geographical position, e.g. when leaving home or safe zone, or due to a low battery. Up to 8 safe zones can be programmed and alerts can be sent to up to 8 recipients or to an alarm receiving centre. The supplied charging station doubles as a Home Beacon unit, and multiple beacons and/or beacon groups can be used to alert the service provider if the user should leave the home.

What problem does it solve?

Regular physical activity is especially important the older a person becomes. Not only does it have a significant positive effect on memory, focus and reaction times, but it is also shown to significantly reduce depression among seniors – both experienced and diagnosed. At Careium, we want to enable people to live as normal a life as possible for as long as they can. Mobile social alarms like our Secure® 480 are paving the way for seniors to be independent and stay active longer.


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