Bed alarm

The Bed alarm is a simple and effective means for generating an early warning when a person has not returned to their bed as expected. The complete set consists of a soft, flexible bed occupancy sensor, a textile cover, an mBox 9200 radio device and a mounting plate. The water resistant, easy to clean pressure sensor is used on top of the mattress and usually under the bed sheet. Replaceable items can be ordered separately.
  • Programmable operating times

  • Water resistant, easy to clean

  • Extra safety at night

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How does it work?

The bed occupancy sensor consists of a bed pressure pad placed underneath the mattress. If the user gets out of bed and does not return within a specified period of time, an alarm is sent to the alarm receiving centre via the social alarm unit.

What problem does it solve?

The bed occupancy sensor is specifically designed to monitor a person’s safety at any time during day or night. It reduces the risks to an individual by raising an alert that enables trained operators to take the most appropriate action. The solution can be tailored to suit the specific daily activities of the individual.


Doro mBox 9200 + Bed sensor (stick, mat)

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