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mBox 9200

The mBox 9200 can be used as a bed control unit, radio transmitter, radio range extender and door alarm. When triggered, an alarm is sent to the alarm receiving centre via the social alarm unit. Easy functionality for setting up different delay times before an alarm is sent. Time parameters can also be programmed on the social alarm unit so that the device will only work during certain times of the day.
  • Easy to install and operate

  • Battery-operated

  • Multi-purpose transceiver

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Doro mBox

How does it work?

The mBox 9200 Door Alarm is very easy to install and is completely wireless. A small magnet is attached to the door, and the transmitter is attached to the door frame. The door alarm alerts the alarm receiving centre if an individual leaves the property. A bypass button allows visitors to enter and leave without activating the alarm, and there's also an on/off switch.

Also functions as a radio receiver and transmitter in one. A mBox range extender can be used between the Careium social alarm and a wireless telecare sensor to increase the effective range of the sensor.

What problem does it solve?

The mBox 9200 Door Alarm has many benefits, primarily that of helping people with dementia to live safely independent in the community. It allows appropriate action to be taken as quickly as possible to ensure the user is returned to a safe environment, and can also help to alleviate the emotional and physical stress of caring for someone who may leave their home and be unable to return unassisted.


Doro mBox 9200 + Bed sensor (stick, mat)

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QSG Doro mBox 9200 (no repeater)

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QSG Doro mBox 9200 (with repeater)

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