Vibby Oak

The Vibby OAK Fall Detector offers enhanced versatility and wearability options. It incorporates a manual alarm button along with a micro-controller, 3-axis accelerometers, a vibrator and a radio transmitter. In the event of a fall, it will vibrate and the LED light will flash for a grace period of 20 seconds. Unless the user cancels the alarm, or gets up and remains standing, the fall detector will send an alarm to the alarm receiving centre via the Careium social alarm. The sensor is waterproof to IP67, shock resistant, made of hypo-allergenic plastic and has a replaceable battery.
  • Automatic fall detection

  • Reduces false alarms

  • Non-stigmatizing design

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How does it work?

Vibby OAK is designed with an innovative algorithm paired with additional sensors to automatically detect a heavy fall. When the user is lying on the ground and unable to manually press the button, the Vibby OAK will vibrate with a blinking LED for 20 seconds before alerting the alarm receiving centre. The user can cancel the alarm simply by covering the fall sensor completely with the palm of the hand for 2 seconds. If the user gets up and remains standing for more than 6 seconds, the alarm is automatically cancelled. A manual alarm can be triggered at any time simply by pressing the button.

What problem does it solve?

Falls are the largest cause of hospital admissions for older people, and significantly impact on long term outcomes such as being able to return home. Hip fractures, the most common serious injury resulting from a fall, affect 75,000 people each year in the UK and one in twelve of people affected die within a month.


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