Ellis is a versatile, long-range radio trigger that is compatible with all Careium social alarms. It is attractively designed to look less like a traditional radio trigger and destigmatize associations with pendant alarms. Worn around the neck on a stainless-steel chain, Ellis looks more like jewellery. In some cases, the end user is therefore more encouraged to wear their radio trigger, even proudly telling their friends that they are using a social alarm. Ellis is built on the same proven technology as Enzo and is a great alternative for those who want a radio trigger that does not look like an alarm. It is waterproof (IP67) and uses a two-way transceiver that uniquely monitors the connection with the social alarm and provides reassuring confirmation that the alarm has been acknowledged.

  • Attractive design that looks like jewellery

  • Stainless-steel chain with magnetic lock

  • Built on the same proven technology as Enzo

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How does it work?

Ellis features two-way data communication to reassure users by confirming that the alarm has been acknowledged. When an alarm is activated, the LED on the radio trigger lights up. Once the signal has been received by the social alarm, the LED changes colour. Information regarding battery life and range are automatically sent to the social alarm to ensure that the user always will be able to trigger an alarm. The battery is replaceable, thus minimising replacement cost and maximising efficiency. Ellis is compatible with all Careium social alarms.

What problem does it solve?

A radio trigger connected to a social alarm allows seniors to remain living in their own home longer, safe in the knowledge that help is available at the touch of a button. It also allows carers to leave the home, or to get a good night’s sleep, confident that they will be alerted if an emergency occurs. Ellis is worn as a necklace.


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