Doro report : Active Aging for People Living with Dementia

To understand how people living with dementia can be supported to age actively and how people with a diagnosis can be helped to slow the progression of the disease through an active lifestyle, we worked with Kristina Silverarfve, Divisional Manager, Coordination Center, of Nyköping municipality, Sweden, and Åsa Trolle, Divisional Manager, Technique and Service, of Östersund municipality, Sweden, to learn about their experience of the Doro Secure 480, a GPS-alarm device brought to you by Doro AB.


There is a multitude of research which points to the physical and psycho-social benefits of being outdoors for people with dementia. Being outdoors is beneficial not only for the mitigation of the symptoms and effects of dementia but also for reducing the risk of developing the disease. The World Health Organization recommends at least 150 minutes of physical activity such as walking, dancing, gardening, hiking, swimming, etc, per week, in adults aged 18–64. In the WHO’s guidelines for dementia risk reduction, launched at Dementia Forum X, physical activity has been strongly recommended to adults with normal cognition to reduce their risk of cognitive decline.

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Active aging for people living with dementia - Swedish Care International