Society costs 

Welfare technology is not about replacing human welfare resources with technology and automation. Welfare technology is primarily about creating security, freedom and independence for people with physical and cognitive limitations.

Secondly, welfare technology is about more efficient care. Where contractors can make better use of limited tax funds. Where care staff get a better working environment and with a greater opportunity to spend their time on the valuable meetings with the elderly.

Our entire company values, our vision and our mission are centred around a better life for seniors and a more sustainable welfare.

Caring for people and the planet

Careium’s products and services can positively affect the environment and people, see Life cycle analysis. Environmental certification is in place. Careium's constant goal is for acquired alarm centres to be added to Careium's overall ISO 14001 certificate within 18 months.

Careium works in different ways to minimise climate impact as a result of car journeys, e.g. through environmental improvement of the car fleet and eco-driving training. Energy consumption within the premises is measured annually and we strive to reduce the environmental impact through optimum utilisation of space and the use of fossil-free energy.

Careium strives to keep transport costs and the environmental impact caused by transporting products low.