An investment in the future of technology-enabled care

Careium has been listed on Nasdaq First North (short name CARE) since 2021. We are northern Europe's market leader in technology-enabled care and identify four good reasons to invest in Careium and the future of technology enabled care

1. A rapidly expanding market

The business has grown by an average of 21 percent per year over the past
six years through both organic growth and strategic acquisitions. It is estimated that the addressable European market for technology-enabled care will grow at an average annual rate of 11–13 percent.

2. Careium is transforming care of the elderly

We are transforming care of the elderly with the aid of digital technology-enabled care. An increasing number of new services is increasing the average revenue per user through increased value for care providers and the elderly

3. Recurring revenue

Our business model is based on the fact that the service aspect of our offering (software, alarm centres and field staff), which accounts for 80 percent of the business, generates recurring revenue over a long period of time.

4. Sustainable social development

One of the biggest challenges of our time is taking care of a growing elderly population. Careium's digital solutions are an important piece of the puzzle in creating a more sustainable society with both inclusive safety and the appropriate resource utilisation.