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Most people who visit seniors have honest intentions. Unfortunately, it does sometimes happen that fraudsters trick their way into seniors’ home, causing many to worry about unwelcome guests. For anyone concerned about the potential risks of unwanted callers, a Enzo bogus caller button installed on or beside the door can provide extra peace of mind. This wireless emergency panic button allows the senior to easily and discreetly place an alarm call to the alarm receiving centre (ARC) if they feel uneasy about, or threatened by, someone at the door.
  • Wireless and easy to install

  • Discreet to use

  • Alerts the ARC

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How does it work?

If feeling insecure when someone calls at the door, the senior can simply and discreetly press the bogus caller button before opening. This establishes a connection with the alarm receiving centre so that the operator can hear whether or not the visit is well intended, and can take any necessary action.

What problem does it solve?

Vulnerable people are often targeted by unwanted callers such as salesmen, traders, etc. This can lead to them feeling intimidated, suspicious, and uneasy. The Enzo Bogus caller button provides extra reassurance in instances like these, making it easier for seniors to live independently at home by knowing that help is just one press of a button away.


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