Senior man with glasses in front of white curtain

Technology Enabled Care

We live longer than ever before. Older generations are fitter, healthier and more independent than they have ever been. More and more seniors can live and enjoy, life to the full.

Approaching care in new ways

Progress in research and healthcare has brought us here. But an ageing population also presents challenges. A decreasing ratio of working-age to old-age individuals means there are less young people to care for more older people. This, in turn, means that society needs to approach care in a different way.

We believe technology has a crucial role to play in addressing these societal challenges. Technology Enabled Care can provide cost-effective solutions at a time when demands on health and social care are continuously increasing.

Societal benefits

New technology presents new possibilities, new behavioral patterns, new ways of life. And it changes care. As a market leader in digital social care, we’re at the forefront of this technological revolution. We create new solutions to meet the care needs of the future, in and out of the home.

Large amounts of public spending go into the health care sector. Given the advantages of technology enabled care, it is not hard to see that there is a huge potential for benefits for society. For example, technology can support self-management through tools and by improving communication possibilities help coordinate care better.

We strongly believe in making smart digital care solutions available to more people. That way, we improve quality of life for the care service user, and give care service provider a better working environment – and it’s all for the benefit of both society and individuals.

Senior man and woman walking in park

Seniors of the revolution

Society is becoming more digital by the day. From the individual’s perspective, the technological revolution can be intimidating.

Change is happening fast. People may feel it’s just too much to keep up with. That goes for both seniors and care staff. So when we’re talking about implementing new digital solutions, it’s not just about installing new equipment or making sure the wifi works. It is also about motivation and education; about inviting staff and seniors to participate and make sure they understand the benefits. We’re happy to help all throughout the process.

In essence, digital technology has the potential to put people in better control of their own wellbeing and health. It empowers them to live better lives.