Epilepsy sensor

The Companion mini is a small, smart and sensitive unit that can tell apart a person’s seizure induced movement and normal sleep activity, contributing to peace of mind. Suitable for home use and for adults as well as children. The Companion mini is placed beneath the mattress and when a seizure has been detected a call will be activated to the monitoring centre via the Careium social alarm unit.

  • Differentiates between tonic-clonic seizures and normal sleep activity

  • Wireless and easy to install

  • Ideal for home use

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How does it work?

The Companion mini epilepsy sensor enables tonic-clonic seizures to be detected the moment they occur, ensuring carers can respond quickly if they are needed, but otherwise do not disturb the user’s sleep. It is suitable for most types of bed, including profiling and airflow. The epilepsy sensor is suitable for use with children as well as adults. 

The Companion mini is easy to install using wireless technology, and Class 1 medical device certified. The device operates on the European Social Alarm frequency 869MHz and is tested and complies with all relevant EU standards incl. CE.

What problem does it solve?

There are over 600,000 people in the UK with epilepsy. In many cases a carer for someone with epilepsy will undertake regular checks throughout the night, which is labour intensive for paid carers and means broken sleep for informal carers. The person affected may also find these checks intrusive and undignified. 

Created with ease of use in mind, it’s simple to install and easily adjustable to the needs of the individual. The device is suitable both for domestic and professional use. 


Manual Epilepsy sensor

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