CareIP® Mobile

CareIP® Mobile offers a completely digital, future-proof solution and can operate using GSM, GPRS and IP/Internet communication. The device is always online and constantly monitored via a ‘heartbeat’ transmitted every two minutes. If connection is lost, notification is automatically sent. The carephone comes with one Enzo radio trigger and is supported by our online web portal, i-care® online. A wide range of Telecare accessories, including various radio triggers, fall detectors, bed sensors, door alarms and more, can be connected in order to meet individual needs.
  • Continuous monitoring

  • Remote updates and service

  • Ease of installation

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How does it work?

CareIP® Mobile transmits an emergency alarm to the alarm receiving centre via GSM or internet using TTNEW, CPC, SCAIP or UMO-XML alarm protocols and high quality, duplex or simplex digital speech. This ensures compatibility with all the latest monitoring centres including Tunstall, Jontek, Verklizan (UMO) and Chubb. The device can operate in three ways:

• GSM only (with roaming SIM card) - for easy installation where no phone line is available

• IP/ Internet – option for connecting via an ethernet cable

• GSM and IP/Internet – automatically switches to GSM if internet connection is lost, providing a level of security far above traditional analogue devices

What problem does it solve?

Social alarms are an integral component of secure networks run by local authorities and home care organisations. Careium develops innovative, highly reliable products and services in close cooperation with customers to ensure that our solutions match the needs of their service organisations and end users.

Digital telecare has enormous potential for the future of social alarms and healthcare. This IP/GSM solution is designed to integrate with new digital infrastructures and offers reliability, efficiency and quality.


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