Eliza is a unique, highly versatile smartcare hub elegantly designed to deliver the best possible security and reliability to users, alarm receiving centres and service providers alike. It raises the bar in Technology Enabled Care by taking full advantage of the capabilities afforded through today and tomorrow’s digital networks. And its thoughtful, contemporary design, with aesthetics rivalling those of fashionable consumer devices found in virtually every home today, make it both easier to place and easier to embrace.
  • Ideal choice for 4G and digital IP-networks

  • Connects with full range of Telecare accessories

  • Fully adaptable for future needs

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How does it work?

The true advantage of digital telecare is the enormous potential it represents for the future of social alarms and health care. Eliza integrates seamlessly with new digital infrastructure as well as with a full range of compatible telecare devices and sensors such as smoke detectors and the stylishly designed Enzo waterproof radio trigger. And in addition to long-term reliability and cost efficiency, service providers will enjoy simple, accurate and swift monitoring and administration at their fingertips with the help of Careium's service.

What problem does it solve?

Eliza takes full advantage of the capabilities provided by 4G and IP digital networks to ensure the highest level of reliability, security and flexibility. In contrast to solutions developed for antiquated analogue networks, this smart digital hub uses frequent ‘heartbeat’ checks to ensure a reliable connection is always there. That way, service providers are promptly and automatically alerted of any loss of service, thus minimising the risk of the client being out of communication for a prolonged period of time and without anyone knowing about it.


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