The analogue to digital transition

Telecare is changing. 2025 will see BT turn off its ageing analogue network for good as the UK embrace a fully digital network. The transition is already well underway - as soon as next year, BT will stop selling analogue lines. It's the chance to embrace more reliable, secure, and cost-efficient telecare solutions.

Today, technology enabled care (TEC) is largely delivered by standalone specialist devices chosen and installed by care providers and connected to dedicated monitoring centres. 

Over 1.7 million people benefit from these services and the peace of mind they give to everyone. Currently many UK technology enabled care services rely on traditional analogue telephone line connectivity for the exchange of voice and data between users and care services. 

However, the planned upgrade of the networks to digital connectivity means analogue telephony services in the UK will be switched off. Changes are already underway in some regions, which will have a consequential impact on TEC service reliability. Many services that employ analogue connectivity will therefore need to be upgraded in some way during the upcoming change

The Telecare Service Association (TSA) says that a large proportion of telecare service providers haven't even begun to upgrade their analogue equipment. They recommend immediate, collaborative action to avert potentially major disruption to services.

Market leaders in end-to-end digital

As a global expert on analogue to digital transformation, we have many years of experience developing and deploying digital telecare products and services and already take half a million digital alarm calls a month.

In the UK our alarm recieving centre uses a digital platform, interoperable with hundred of devices. We can provide a wide range of services from monitoring call handling to field engineering, responder service and out of hours service. We offer technology agnostic solutions which are tailored to end users' needs. We pride ourselves on our half a century of tech heritage: with many years' experience manufacturing digital devices, handling hundreds of thousands of digital telecare calls each year, in 2007 as one of the first businesses globally to manufacturer a digital device and playing an active part pioneering digital communication protocols. 

Read more about analogue to digital transition with us as market leaders in end-to-end digital.

By 2025, millions of the analogue telecare devices that older people rely upon will become obsolete. Read our whitepaper on digitising technology enabled care.