Senior with GPS watch around wrist

Making life easier with GPS watches

In Östersund, Sweden, the municipality has worked hard to make technical aids, such as night vision cameras and GPS alarms, a natural part of the everyday lives of the elderly. Östersund municipality is facing similar challenges to those faced by many municipalities across Europe as the number of senior citizens grows. Care requirements are increasing and it is not easy to find sufficient staff resources.

Åsa Trolle

“We can only see advantages with this product."

Åsa Trolle

Unit Director, Östersund municipality

The advantages of the GPS watch

One aid that is highly appreciated by users in Östersund is the GPS watch Careium 480, which has a positioning alarm and built-in speaker to communicate with the person using the watch.

“We can give the elderly a GPS watch and the security of knowing they can alert us if something happens. The positioning function enables us to locate the person, and we can also phone them. We can only see advantages with this product,” says Åsa Trolle, Unit Director at Östersund municipality.

Holiday help

The Careium 480 GPS watch currently helps more than 420 users in Östersund. The number is growing rapidly. There are numerous examples of how it has made life easier for both users and relatives. With assistance from the municipality, a couple on holiday in Spain were able to set a new home address in the watch belonging to the husband, who suffers from dementia – to the hotel resort.

“The wife phoned and explained that she had never had such a good holiday and that she could relax the whole time. She was almost crying when she called and explained how good it had been. That’s how we know we have found the right solution,” says Åsa Trolle.