Ellis by Careium looks like jewellery!

A radio trigger connected to a social alarm allows seniors and vulnerable adults to remain living in their own home for longer, even when conditions change. They can feel safe in the knowledge that help is available at the touch of a button to a 24/7 monitoring centre.

A radio trigger together with a social alarm base unit is a life-saving device. However, some users consider wearing a traditional radio trigger stigmatising, and consequently they do not wear it.

Let us present our newcomer Ellis by Careium – a radio trigger designed to look like jewellery. Ellis is elegant and stylish, destigmatising associations with pendant alarms. Worn around the neck on a stainless-steel chain, it looks more like a black gem. The user is therefore more encouraged to wear their lifesaving radio trigger, even proudly sharing with their peers that they are happy to have a social alarm.

Ellis is built on the same proven technology as our radio trigger Enzo and is a long-range trigger compatible with all Careium’s social alarms. It uses a two-way transceiver that uniquely monitors the connection with the social alarm and provides reassuring confirmation that the alarm has been acknowledged. The device is also waterproof (IP67).

Alarms are often triggered using the thumb. When designing Ellis, we had this in mind. Taking into consideration that the user group might have dexterity issues, the alarm button is placed in a smooth tactile cavity on the back. The magnetic lock on the chain functions as an "anti-strangle" feature and makes it easier and comfortable to put on and remove.


Want to learn more about Ellis, please visit our product page!